Academic Research

My academic work primarily focused on systems and security, but was broad enough to encompass networking, software engineering, and the legal implications of technology.


At UCSD, I was fortunate to have worked with Geoff Voelker, Stefan Savage, and Hovav Shacham.

Return-Oriented Programming

My masters work was with a buffer overflow exploit technique dubbed "return-oriented programming" on the SPARC architecture. I extended the work done in our original CCS paper to automate the search for a Turing-complete set of gadgets. I performed vulnerability analysis on thousands of Solaris binaries from the Sun Freeware site to make an accurate assessment of the pervasiveness of return-oriented vulnerabilities and investigate the larger implications of the attack in the wild, the results of which are detailed in my M.S. thesis.


In addition, I worked with Neon, a virtual machine-based data confinement system using the Xen hypervisor and the Qemu emulator.